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They say that yoga is less about tightening your ass and more about getting your head out of it, and that's kind of how I feel about the practice.

Of course, it has a myriad well-known benefits that I could try to list here - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and so much more - but for me (and it's so personal to every yogi) it's less about the body stuff and more about making friends with myself, stopping taking myself so seriously, figuring out what it is that makes me tick, what works for me and what doesn't, and slowly starting to make changes so that my life and my choices support me and allow me the space and the freedom to become the very best version of myself that I possibly can be.

It's about simultaneously finding a way of being present whilst lifting my eyes above the here-and-now, beyond the day-to-day humdrum of ordinary life, and tuning into the bigger picture - of being connected to this vast, sometimes-confusing, always-dizzyingly and astonishingly magnificent miracle of life that happens every single day. About making space for awe, and trust, and faith, and accepting that everything is out of control, and finding acceptance of things the way that they are, rather than the way we want them to be.

Like all of us, I have a story to tell and it isn’t always very pretty, but my precious yoga practice has always been there for me, like a dear friend, waiting patiently to be remembered and embraced for all it has always had to offer. It has carried me through some pretty dark days, been a wonderful support through the normal days, lifted me even higher on the good days, and I am confident that it will be there for me in the future as long as I keep making time to get on my mat, become quiet and listen to what's already there.

It’s a joy and privilege for me to share my love of yoga with everyone that chooses to visit our special studio. Whatever your reason for coming to a class, I salute you and I hope that you too find that yoga provides you with a safe place to just be you, beautiful and lovely you, whoever you may be.

I’ve been practicing yoga since 1997, did my first teaching immersion through Yoga Life in California in 2007, and then gained my 200hr teachers training certification through Ananda Sangha soon after moving back to South Africa in 2008. I subsequently completed my advanced Pregnancy Yoga Teachers’ Training (also through Ananda Sangha) in 2011.  I also offer M-techniques massages, private yoga classes, corporate yoga workshops, pregnancy yoga/prenatal yoga, yoga retreats and meditation training in my personal capacity when I’m not juggling motherhood and my day job.


Address: 16 Die Laan, Stellenbosch, 7600
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